Hamster House

Hamster House 

Hamsters need a comfortable, dry, draught-free, clean place to live, in a quiet place where they can rest undisturbed. Make sure the lights go off at approximately the same time each night. Hamsters are very sensitive to high frequency sounds (known as ultrasound) which we cannot hear, and can find this stressful. House your hamster away from items in the home which can generate ultrasound, such as television sets, computer screens, vacuum cleaners or sources of running water.

Home comforts

Your hamster’s cage should be safe from hazards (like sharp metal or gaps they could get stuck in) and secure, as hamsters can easily escape from poorly constructed cages! Hamsters need a lot of room – especially when they are active at night – so buy as big a cage as possible, ideally with a deep plastic base (minimum 3-5cm) and wire top.

A multi-level cage will allow your hamster to climb and make the most of the space in his/her cage and you can place tunnels and toys in it for your hamster to explore. Wire sides will allow them to climb around the bars of the cage – a favourite pastime and great exercise!

Hamsters really enjoy burrowing so provide a thick layer of litter/bedding material in the deep base of the cage. This can be dust-free wood shavings or granulated corn-cob, but check the material if free of harmful preservatives or other chemicals. Straw should not be used in your hamster’s cage because the tough strands can hurt his/her cheek pouches. Coarse sand can be used as an alternative litter option.


Petco: Hamster Cages & Habitats

Kaytee CritterTrail One

Kaytee CritterTrail Super Hamster Habitat

The CritterTrail SUPER Habitat boosts 540 square inches of living space for large breed hamsters or gerbils. Featuring a second level of living space made by a Comfort Shelf and safety ramp and a Port Door to connect to other CritterTrail habitats or accessories. The large top access door allows use both hands when entering the habitat for safe removal of pets. Great design allows for easy cleaning with the rounded corners and quick release clips to remove the wire top.

Length: 30 IN

Height: 16.5 IN

Width: 18 IN

Petco: Kaytee CritterTrail Two

16″;W X 10 1/2″;D X 16″;H. Expandable home has two spacious levels of living space for all hamsters, gerbils or mice. Includes comfort shelves, water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel, and climbing tubes.

  • – Ideal for use as a mouse, gerbil or hamster cage
  • – Made with sturdy wire and durable plastic for your pet’s safety and comfort
  • – Colorful home compatible with CritterTrail, Habitrail and SAM systems


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